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the will to power is the most righteous of predators
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Sunday, September 11th, 2011
11:19 am
happy 9-11
actually, the more I think of it, the more I realize that ALL of the theories about what happened on 9-11, conspiracist and normal alike, ALL OF THEM, sound idiotic.
bush? bin laden? planes? thermite?
fuck that: the easter bunny did it.
Thursday, August 25th, 2011
11:42 pm
daydreams also self doubt
one day, only moderately into the future, it shall come to pass that bernanke and greenspan and all other names associated even vaguely with 'the fed' shall be condemned as counterfeiters and fraudartists 10,000 times surpassing Kenneth Lay or L. Ron Hubbard hitherto seen in malkuth. and then arises the question of what replaces our current cancerous system of survival on that scaletippingly inevitable day when elitist corporatism becomes so despised that even corporate elites want nothing more to do with it. and here's where i'm torn. socialism is a nonstarter, classical libertarianism with a market gone 'back to gold' and a politics gone ron paul probably solves a couple of the major problems, but far from all of them, and anarchism in any purely voluntary form, while on paper the ideal system, is also the hardest one to implement in real life.

i'd love to see the union of egoists one day.

but I wonder if its so lofty a goal that galt and alita and zarathustra couldnt even make it work.

shall we climb the supply tubes all the way to tiphares, yugo?

shall we elope to galt's gulch, dagny?

can Aresh really escape from his inevitable fate if only he spares you from yours, Lynn?

or it might perhaps be perhaps that goals unattainable to the first human race shall be much more practical to the second.

we'll see.
Saturday, July 23rd, 2011
1:22 am
All propaganda is at bottom seduction: the trick is not to convince someone of that something is true, but of that something is what they want to believe. Because most human beings only believe what they want to believe.
Friday, July 22nd, 2011
5:03 pm
idiocy is no excuse for lack of imagination. there exist some incredibly dumb minds who still make new ideas, just bad new ideas. no, the uncreative is an unprecedented degree of cripple beneath even the paraplegic and the schizo and the retard.
Wednesday, April 20th, 2011
2:30 am
posthumanist quasi kantian moment
one way or another, however questions like this get answered, we can safely say one thing: the full fundamental truth of how everything works and the full range of what is existent so as to be catalogued in that everything is probably, in ...principle, sufficiently perplexing that no concepts known to you and I today are adequate to describe it, and such concepts as are adequate to do so would be unintelligible to our puny primate brains. so we understand as far as we can until a wall is hit, and maybe some H+ with a better brain in understands a little further. and some H++ a little better than that. and so on.

but there must become and evolve a very different universe before any evolved component exists in the universe such that has culminated through such evolution a consciousness capable fully conquering noumena pusuant towards completely understanding what such a thing as a universe fully is.

and, by definition, you'll never actually know if youre there yet. have you seen everything? or do you just think you have because youve seen everything seeable for your level of cognitive and experimental development? the true and objective completion of omniscience may well always be condemned to ignorantly wonder if it is still ignorant, forever trapped in an epistemic gödel paradox.

and dont get me started on the degree to which subjectivity and context might make 'complete truth' vary in its hermeneutics even more than incomplete truth or total fiction can.....
2:29 am
self refutation at the dawn of literature
the slave moralist texts (aka 'holy' scriptures) are self evidently false. on their own terms, theyre false.

hell, even if they are right, theyre still false:

even if the full range of bizarre tall tales mentioned within them turned out to be real and then some, the logical consequences of such an ontology would be that dumb stoneage savages, totally unfit to understand their own plane of existence, could certainly only do an even shittier job at understanding any other.
2:00 am
dogma is suicided by the gnosis it craves
mathematical and scientific discoveries usually have far more subtle and far less 'partisan' philosophic implications than what one worries they might have upon face value. any transcendant intelligent structure that is inferred or found,... should we ever infer or find one (an iffy question if there ever was one), would necessarily be so different from human mythological assumptions that to use the word 'god'. would miss the point. in fact, to use human words at all would probably miss the point: any existence of that sort would almost certainly be something so removed from our frame of reference as to be unintelligible except in the most vague and abstract sense, and completely void of any primitive anthropoid symbols such as the ones which motivate desire to believe in dieties in the first place. such a 'god', if proven existent, would likely have the ironic effect of totally slaying the motivation that leads persons to desire to believe in such a concept as a god-- the algorithm as self deflating metanarrative, if you will.

any stange conscious transcendant VALIS-being humans may find will totally slay faith when they discover that a being beyond their rationality is also beyond their most primitive and inane superstitions. you havent seen 'the one true faith' until you feel like throwing up.
1:55 am
mathematical and scientific discoveries usually have far more subtle and far less 'partisan' philosophic implications than what one worries they might have upon face value.
1:43 am

ימאח שׁמו וזיכרו

"Yemach Shmo u'Zikro!"

"May his name be blotted out..."
1:26 am

I suspect black plants would more likely evolve on worlds with less light available (orbiting brown dwarfs, or in really distant orbits, for example), than on worlds with plenty of light. the fact that plants have a specific color on earth ...conclusively proves that plants get more than enough sunlight than is needed to survive and spread, so much more that they can reject a significant fraction of that sunlight by reflecting it. unless the biochem driving extraterrestrial photosynthesis is much less efficient than that our own world's plants, this means that a planet with markedly more light available than earth will also be able to reject wavelengths by reflecting a color, and easily not miss them. black plants, pigmented to take in every photon they can, should evolve only on worlds where light is scarce by comparison.

the more light available (and binary stars nearby means A LOT of light), the more of it plants can reject. on a sufficiently illuminated planet, we may even expect to find white plants, desperate to reject and reflect as much light as possible because the quantities are excessive to the point of detriment if unfiltered.
1:25 am
the motives of insincere paranoia, part 2:
no evangelical christian seriously believes that the jews deserve to be punished for killing jesus. what they instead believe is that jewish unbelief in jesus entitles them to falsely accuse jews of killing jesus.

lets start with the obvious: the use of a roman execution method makes such absurd, and to demand retribution against any human group at all for a sacrifice they believe to be divine will is even more ridiculous.

these are not obscure technicalities, but rather things that their doctrine should consider self evident, and which are ignored only because the vile motives that produced such doctrines are more important than actual fidelity to the doctrines themselves.

far more so than any other belief system, american evangelicals are completely incapable of faith. they have as little talent for it as they have for rationality.

no, when slave moralist paulite fundamentist christians accuse jews of being 'christ killers', they do not actually care at all about the alleged murder itself, but instead wish to punish jews for continuing to exist as an alternate theology instead of converting or dying off. the christian anti semite feels, above all else, that his singular calling and motive is to gloatfully bully and slander the theological other while simultaneously demanding the right to have his slanders believed as sincere and factual, just to double the insult.

when christians, usually american ones, believe that gays are incapable of monogamy and only want marriage rights as a middle finger against god
-- and yes, this is what christians truly believe about gay marriage--
remember that you are seeing a case of what psychologists call projection: the christian only believes in his most violent and cruel faith because he has the ability to get away with misinterpret it as being violent and cruel towards those who disgust him for reasons too petty and irrational to get justification anywhere else.

fundamentalist christianity is the systemic manufacture of
pseudoscriptural rationalizations for acting as unchristlike as humanly possible.

american style right wing evagelical christianity especially is the production of insincere beliefs for the homogenous to use as bludgeons against the sincere beliefs of the heterogenous.

it is for this reason that evangelicals consider any restriction on their ability to oppress others to be oppression against them: oppression of everyone else is all they are and all they want.
1:23 am
the motives of insincere paranoia
conspiracy theories about 'the illuminati' are simply the modern remix of the ritual blood libel. notice that all such conspiracy theories of this genre ultimately boil down to excuses for right wing christians to accuse anything nonchristian of being devil worship. jews, freemasons, new agers, pop musicians, bankers -- what do these groups have in common? absolutely nothing, except that christians dislike them and therefor feel entitled to slander them as being all the same thing as eachother as bigotted retribution for the 'crime' of not being the same as jack chick.
Saturday, January 8th, 2011
8:25 pm
on the aphorists: nietzsche sought to find an ethic to aestheticize life. cioran, imitating nietzsche's writing style like a perfect and damning doppelganger, inverted it to aestheticize death.
8:24 pm
on the prejudice towards life and against death:

1: its better for some. if you are born on the short end of the stick, as a 3rd worlder or as a prole, your best interest is to kill yourself now rather than to unduly endur a world which on principle is incapable of being pleasant to you. th...e workers and the ordinary, by virtue of being ordinary, are condemned to be treated like shit under any social system that humans are capable of, be it capitalism, communism, anarchism, or anything else. the best they can hope for is to escape this totally superfluous pain by committing mass suicide, ideally by suicide bombing the children of their oppressors, that their escapes from suffering should give their opponents a taste of their own fucking medicine.
workers of the world! unite! your lives will never be worth living... but if you can at murder the children of your rulers, you can at least make sure that their lives arent worth living either. huzzah for the ennoblement of spite!

2: and thus do I argue that cruelty is the highest of human virtues and that every man and woman alive today should devote themselves totally to it. we will only be free from oppression when all of us care only about harming those we dont like and have totally given up on being happy

3: also incidentally: this is why sociopaths are perfect and the rest of us are failures at life.
8:23 pm
if babies could speak at birth, how many would sue upon the moment of uteral exit, arguing that being birthed is as much a violation of their rights murder is, read, as being forced to exist is equivalent to being forced not to exist?
8:22 pm
Why Xfiles and other UFO 'cover up' conspiracists are wrong: suppose UFO aliens exist... and consider the timing of the alleged first contact, roswell. 2 years after the most brutal war on earth, leading to the advent of nuclear weapons. 'men in black' are superfluous: any aliens visiting us would want to hide their own tracks, for fear of being attacked by such dangerous primitives as we.
8:22 pm
1: logic is always made of triangles. first there is the syllogism. then there is the dialectic. then there is the koan's third answer, mu. computers will finally attain consciousness and knowledge when they think in trinaries instead of binaries.

2: if logic always has three directions, perhaps the map has four because it aspires to pretentions of being beyond knowledge. whether it wins or we do, shall the war between experience and language one day find out.

3: on triangles. note that all possible logic triangles, whether dialectical or syllogistic in nature, contain within their modeling analogies for the alternative lines and thus can model the total system. discourse is self revealing as well as self referential
8:21 pm
Udo of Aachen -- how dare you spite history with your nonexistence
8:20 pm
on exegesis: totality is a tolkien daydream that made itself up that it may have a jargon with which to talk to itself

pack the universe into a cardboard box, why dont you?
8:20 pm
anyone ever notice how much the french J sound resembles the sound of humming powerlines?
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