Robert Bisno (ubermensch) wrote,
Robert Bisno

on the prejudice towards life and against death:

1: its better for some. if you are born on the short end of the stick, as a 3rd worlder or as a prole, your best interest is to kill yourself now rather than to unduly endur a world which on principle is incapable of being pleasant to you. th...e workers and the ordinary, by virtue of being ordinary, are condemned to be treated like shit under any social system that humans are capable of, be it capitalism, communism, anarchism, or anything else. the best they can hope for is to escape this totally superfluous pain by committing mass suicide, ideally by suicide bombing the children of their oppressors, that their escapes from suffering should give their opponents a taste of their own fucking medicine.
workers of the world! unite! your lives will never be worth living... but if you can at murder the children of your rulers, you can at least make sure that their lives arent worth living either. huzzah for the ennoblement of spite!

2: and thus do I argue that cruelty is the highest of human virtues and that every man and woman alive today should devote themselves totally to it. we will only be free from oppression when all of us care only about harming those we dont like and have totally given up on being happy

3: also incidentally: this is why sociopaths are perfect and the rest of us are failures at life.
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