Robert Bisno (ubermensch) wrote,
Robert Bisno

the motives of insincere paranoia, part 2:

no evangelical christian seriously believes that the jews deserve to be punished for killing jesus. what they instead believe is that jewish unbelief in jesus entitles them to falsely accuse jews of killing jesus.

lets start with the obvious: the use of a roman execution method makes such absurd, and to demand retribution against any human group at all for a sacrifice they believe to be divine will is even more ridiculous.

these are not obscure technicalities, but rather things that their doctrine should consider self evident, and which are ignored only because the vile motives that produced such doctrines are more important than actual fidelity to the doctrines themselves.

far more so than any other belief system, american evangelicals are completely incapable of faith. they have as little talent for it as they have for rationality.

no, when slave moralist paulite fundamentist christians accuse jews of being 'christ killers', they do not actually care at all about the alleged murder itself, but instead wish to punish jews for continuing to exist as an alternate theology instead of converting or dying off. the christian anti semite feels, above all else, that his singular calling and motive is to gloatfully bully and slander the theological other while simultaneously demanding the right to have his slanders believed as sincere and factual, just to double the insult.

when christians, usually american ones, believe that gays are incapable of monogamy and only want marriage rights as a middle finger against god
-- and yes, this is what christians truly believe about gay marriage--
remember that you are seeing a case of what psychologists call projection: the christian only believes in his most violent and cruel faith because he has the ability to get away with misinterpret it as being violent and cruel towards those who disgust him for reasons too petty and irrational to get justification anywhere else.

fundamentalist christianity is the systemic manufacture of
pseudoscriptural rationalizations for acting as unchristlike as humanly possible.

american style right wing evagelical christianity especially is the production of insincere beliefs for the homogenous to use as bludgeons against the sincere beliefs of the heterogenous.

it is for this reason that evangelicals consider any restriction on their ability to oppress others to be oppression against them: oppression of everyone else is all they are and all they want.
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