Robert Bisno (ubermensch) wrote,
Robert Bisno

daydreams also self doubt

one day, only moderately into the future, it shall come to pass that bernanke and greenspan and all other names associated even vaguely with 'the fed' shall be condemned as counterfeiters and fraudartists 10,000 times surpassing Kenneth Lay or L. Ron Hubbard hitherto seen in malkuth. and then arises the question of what replaces our current cancerous system of survival on that scaletippingly inevitable day when elitist corporatism becomes so despised that even corporate elites want nothing more to do with it. and here's where i'm torn. socialism is a nonstarter, classical libertarianism with a market gone 'back to gold' and a politics gone ron paul probably solves a couple of the major problems, but far from all of them, and anarchism in any purely voluntary form, while on paper the ideal system, is also the hardest one to implement in real life.

i'd love to see the union of egoists one day.

but I wonder if its so lofty a goal that galt and alita and zarathustra couldnt even make it work.

shall we climb the supply tubes all the way to tiphares, yugo?

shall we elope to galt's gulch, dagny?

can Aresh really escape from his inevitable fate if only he spares you from yours, Lynn?

or it might perhaps be perhaps that goals unattainable to the first human race shall be much more practical to the second.

we'll see.
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